2014. július 7.

Chocolate iced coffee

chocolate iced coffee

I've been a coffee addict since I was teenager. A cup of coffee is always (ie. always, at 8 pm. as well) near me. I'm not that type of person, who drinks the coffee in 5 minutes, I like enjoying it for hours. 

Interesting, that I have different kind of periods with coffee. I mean for example for months I could drink coffee, just without milk and sugar, then after it for a few months I could drink just nescafe. Yeah, I know, I know, nescafe is pretty unhealthy, but what can I do, I love it!
Ah and you know what else I love? The smell of coffee in the morning! For me that is priceless! 
When we used to live in The Netherlands, at the first time we didn't have coffee maker at all.It's totally freaked me out, I simply couldn't feel myself at home, I missed so much my morning coffee ritual and especially the smell of coffee.

However I have several type of coffee, what I don't like. The first one is the American style coffee, oh I can not drink this weak, transparent brown drink. Sorry Americans, but you have terrible coffee!
Then there are the cappuccino and the coffee with whipped cream. I adore coffee, I love whipped cream, but together...just don't like it! Anyway sometimes when I desire some sweets, I just drink a milky coffee, and it works perfectly.
chocolate iced coffee

This chocolate iced coffee is also perfect instead of dessert. In a hot day it could be so cool, it's so refreshing and it makes your day just perfect!

Did I mention that you can make this iced coffee in 5 minutes?


  • coffee
  • milk
  • sugar
  • chocolate ice cream
  • chocolate syrup
  • ice cubes 
chocolate iced coffee

Rim inside of glass with chocolate syrup than fill the glass with ice cubes.In the meantime take the ice cream out of the freezer and make a cup of  coffee. As strong you want your iced coffee, make strong or extra strong coffee. Add a teaspoon sugar to the coffee, than  pour the sweet coffee over the ice. Add milk, than a big scoop of chocolate ice cream and an other spoon of chocolate syrup. Enjoy!

chocolate iced coffee


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